Maryland Legislative Watch requested expense report information for all Delegates and Senators for the 90 day 2013 session. Information requested was top level, only.  Three categories are tracked:  mileage; meals; lodging.

Delegates and Senators’ daily per diem rate for lodging is $101, $42 for meals, and mileage is reimbursed at the IRS standard rate of $.565 per mile.  Interestingly, some Delegates and Senators claim 90 or 91 days’ lodging while claiming over $1,000 in mileage.

In all, the People of Maryland paid Delegates and Senators just under $2 million in expenses for the 2013 legislative season.

Please note that $9,090 = 90 days’ lodging and $9,191 = 91 days’ lodging.

Maryland Expense Reports 2013