MDLW’s Database

Bills for 2017 have been added and 2016 data has been archived.

The link below allows you to access, in read only mode, part of the Maryland legislative Watch’s database. You can search for specific bills and display the file containing the bill of choice. On the “Search” tab, you can enter a keyword or words and search against the entire database of bills for the year listed.

The “Committees” tab give you the phone number of each Committee as well as all of the email addresses for the members of each committee. The problem with calling the committee phone number is you will get the chairman of the committee’s office which will usually not pass along your concern to the entire committee. Use of email for contact is a much better method.

The “Senate Committees” and the “Delegate Committees” tabs show what committees on which each legislator sits.

The “Committees URL” Gives you the URL for each committee.

Note: This applications does not work using Chrome or Opera as your browser. If using Microsoft Edge, after you click on the link below, in the upper right corner of the browse 3 dots appear. Click on that and choose ‘Use Internet Explorer”. The application works well in IE and Firefox but you may have to install a plug-in and it may ask for permission to run Java. This application will not cause any problems with your system.

MDLW’s Database