Votes - Delegates

These links will take you to the regular session and special session voting records for each of the Maryland Delegates. Votes captured are the floor votes, only. (Please note that “bond bills” typically don’t get floor votes - they’re voted on, behind closed doors, in the county delegations, then wrapped up and put in the capital budget.)


  • First Reading means, “A bill as printed for the first time with its assigned bill number.”
  • Third Reading means, “A bill that is printed after second reading in the chamber of origin, including adopted committee or floor amendments.”
  • Special Orders means, “Floor action on a bill is postponed until a definite date or time.”
  • Any other terms you don’t understand? The Maryland General Assembly (MGA) website has a, “legislative lingo” file that may answer your questions.
  • Third Reading may include amendment votes. For bills with many amendments, e.g. SB 281 in 2013, there will be many votes. You’ll have to visit the MGA website for more details on those bills.
  • Don’t know who your representatives are? Go to to find out.

These files are presented for information purposes by Maryland Legislative Watch. Why did we spend all this time and energy collecting this information? We believe that sunshine is the best disinfectant. Please use this information to research your current legislators and candidates. Please also spread the word, so others may research their legislators and candidates.

2016 Delegates Regular Session

2015 Delegates Regular Session

2014 Delegates Regular Session

2013 Delegates Regular Session

2012 Delegates Regular Session

2012 Delegates Special Session 1

2012 Delegates Special Session 2

2011 Delegates Regular Session

2011 Delegates Special Session

2010 Delegates Regular Session

2009 Delegates Regular Session

2008 Delegates Regular Session

2007 Delegates Regular Session

2007 Delegates Special Session

2006 Delegates Regular Session

2006 Delegates Special Session

2005 Delegates Regular Session