2015 Maryland General Assembly Starts Today

Floor Session Example


The 2015 session of Maryland’s General Assembly starts today, Wednesday, January 14.  Contact information for members will be available Wednesday afternoon:


On Wednesday, January 14th, after the Senate and House floor sessions (around 2 P.M.), the MGA website will be unavailable as it will be updated with the newly sworn-in members. It is anticipated to be back online by 3 P.M.

When contact information and committee assignments are available, Maryland Legislative Watch will post bill information/synopses.

Here are dates of note in January:

  • January 14 – GENERAL ASSEMBLY CONVENES (noon, Wednesday).  Swearing in of Members,
  • January 21 – Inauguration of the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor (Wednesday)
  • January 23 – 10th Day — Final date for Governor to introduce budget bill
  • January 23 – 10th Day — Final date for submission of Executive Orders reorganizing the Executive Branch of State Government; either Chamber may disapprove by resolution within 50 days.  Administration bills introduced in the Senate after this date referred to Senate Rules Committee.

MD Legislators’ Voting Records for 2013 – we have them!

MD Legislators' Voting Records for 2013 - we have them!

Exciting news!  Maryland Legislative Watch is pleased to announce that we have the 2013 voting records for each Maryland Delegate and Senator!  As far as we know, this has never been done before.

Each record is linked and will display as a .pdf file.  Votes listed are floor votes, only.

Please take some time to view your representatives’ votes.  Does their rhetoric match their voting records?  How did they vote on issues important to you?

We are in the process of doing meaningful analysis on these votes but this is a long, labor intensive process so this will not come out for a couple months.


  • First Reading means, “A bill as printed for the first time with its assigned bill number.”
  • Third Reading means, “A bill that is printed after second reading in the chamber of origin, including adopted committee or floor amendments.”
  • Special Orders means, “Floor action on a bill is postponed until a definite date or time.”
  • Any other terms you don’t understand?  The Maryland General Assembly (MGA) website has a, “legislative lingo” file that may answer your questions.
  • Third Reading may include amendment votes.  For bills with many amendments, e.g. SB 281, there will be many votes.  You’ll have to visit the MGA website for more details on those bills.
  • Don’t know who your representatives are?  Go to mdelect.net to find out.

These files are presented for information purposes by Maryland Legislative Watch.  Why  did we spend all this time and energy collecting this information?  We believe that sunshine is the best disinfectant.  Please use this information to research your current legislators and candidates.  Please also spread the word, so others may research their legislators and candidates.